Automated Marketing System

What is an Automated Client Attraction Marketing System?

A sales funnel that makes your website the anchor of your business online. We will create or enhance your website to attract and track web traffic. Turn that traffic into leads. Then convert those leads into sales. Imagine if your website became an online income generator…on autopilot. Let’s talk about it.

Why is it important?

Having an ACAMS is crucial because

    • Websites don’t work on their own
    • Social media doesn’t work on its own
    • Just having a brand doesn’t work on its own
    • SEO doesn’t work on its own
    • Marketing doesn’t…well, you get the point.

Each of the things listed above can produce consistent, high-quality clients wanting to work with you, but not one of them alone.

For instance, many business owners THINK that they only need SEO, but SEO does no good when people land on your website and it doesn’t convert.

How does it work?

We have a goal oriented and results-driven 5 step process for installing our ACAMS.

We begin by setting goals and put actions in place based upon what do you want website visitors to do.

Do you want them to…

    • Make a purchase online?
    • Submit an application?
    • Schedule an appointment?
    • Register for an event?
    • Request more information?
    • Sign up to receive emails?
    • Download a document?
    • Watch a video?
    • Take a quiz?

Based on your objective we develop a structure and strategy that drives visitors to take the desired action with as few clicks as possible. We make the most of each visitor’s interaction with your site — and make the process effortless and easy for you as well.

 We also enhance your site’s SEO to maximize organic search results by identifying key search terms and creating content around them. We also build strong search functionality into the back end of your site.